Spring Cleaning: Prepare Your Home for Summer

Posted on 27 April 2010

Spring cleaning tips and tricks!

When this time of the year comes around, and the days start to become both longer and warmer, a lot of people give their house a really good once over, preparing it for the summer months. Sure, you clean your house weekly, but spring offer the chance to do extra cleaning. Walls, window coverings and the inside of cupboards and closets are just a few of the things that we tackle in the spring. Most of us also put away our heavier winter clothes and linens, swapping them out for lighter, airier choices. Waste removal services are often increased as we extend our spring cleaning to our yards also, weeding, raking and pruning. Indoor and outdoor our houses get spruced up for the summer months.

But spring cleaning can be overwhelming when you think about everything that you want to do. In fact, it can seem like so much that you may not even know where to begin. But there are a few tips that you can follow that will help make spring cleaning a whole lot easier.


If you want to spring clean your whole house by a certain date, take a few minutes to plan it out. What exactly do you want to get done? How much time daily do you have to spend on it? Will the whole family be helping you? By answering these few questions before you start, you can save yourself the headache of diving into the cleaning without really knowing what you want to get accomplished, and by when.

Remember to clean out the attic too!

Remember to clean out the attic too!

Room by Room

Once you’ve planned your spring cleaning out, take it room by room. This can help make the task seem more manageable, helping you to avoid a panic attack at the thought of cleaning the whole house top to bottom. By tackling one room at a time, you can also better see the progress you’ve made then if you simply just did a bit of each room each day.


More and more people are using spring cleaning as a time to purge. We tend to hunker down in the winter and unwanted possessions can pile up. Here in the Toronto area it’s also hard to get out of your houses to throw away bulk items. During the spring is a perfect time to hire a Toronto junk removal company to get rid of any unwanted items. This is the perfect time of year as well to go through belongings, throwing out anything that is broken beyond repair or has outlived its usefulness.

It’s also a great time to go through all of your summer things, checking everything over to make sure that you’ll still be able to use them. Lawn furniture, barbeques, sporting equipment should all be examined for wear and tear and any damage that it may have sustained while being stored during the winter months. Throw out anything that isn`t useable this season and replace.

Hire a waste removal company

Once you’ve figured out what you want to throw out, you’ll need to dispose of it. The best and easiest way to do this is to hire a local garbage removal company. Garbage removal specialists will come to your home and take care of all your discarded belongings. If you have a lot of garbage to get rid of (and a lot of us will) or if you have larger, heavier items these companies can be a God send. With everything else that you’ll be doing to get your home ready for summer, it’s nice to not have to worry about getting rid of the junk and garbage you’ve accumulated.

Spring cleaning your house may take time, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. By planning ahead and allowing garbage removal specialist to take care of getting rid of your junk, you can make spring cleaning a breeze.

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