Five Reasons Why Junk Removal Is the Only Way to Go!

Posted on 03 August 2010

Have you let your junk pile up so much that your home is starting to resemble a junkyard? When you mow your lawn are you constantly unearthing old, rusty machinery and other junk? Is your backyard filled with worn-out, useless appliances left over from previous remodeling jobs? Are there old cars on your property that are just too big and heavy to move yourself? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s probably time to call in some junk removal professionals. You may think that you can just rent a truck or a trailer and remove your junk yourself, but here are five reasons why you should leave this task to the professionals.

One: If it’s been some time since you moved the items that are now junk onto your property the laws regarding junk removal may have changed. When you employ a professional junk hauling service, they will be up-to-date on all of the latest laws as well as any changes to existing laws. Since you can be cited and fined for the improper disposal of certain items such as old paint, motor oil, hazardous chemicals, or large, bulky items, it’s best to work with professionals who are familiar with all local laws and ordinances.

Two: If you’re concerned about living a green lifestyle, you probably don’t want your discarded items to simply wind up in landfill. In that case, you should find a junk hauling service that conducts itself using green principles, that is, they repurpose or recycle what they can, and what they can’t recycle or repurpose is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Remember that many metal items, like car bodies or big appliances will have steel in them that can be recycled. Most of the steel in this country is recycled from something else, and when a steel item gets broken or wears out, it can be endlessly recycled. The same is true with things like copper pipe. Copper prices have really risen in recent years, so that copper is a valuable material for recycling. So, if you want you junk to be put to the best possible, use, hire a professional junk service that is in tune with your own green values.

Three: When you have a house and outbuildings that need to be organized after the junk is hauled away, you can get help from your hauling company. Some companies don’t just do junk removal, they will also help you to move big items on your property, and help you to organize your possessions the way you want to. Not every hauling company will do this, however, so you need to look carefully for one that will cooperate with you in your organizing efforts and do it for a reasonable cost.

Four: Not all junk hauling companies are created equal. When you’re ready to get the junk off your property, you need to check with the companies you’re interested in to be sure that they have the right sized trucks for the junk you’re moving. If you have many large items, you’ll want to take on a company that has the right sized vehicles so that they can load up your junk and remove it in one trip rather than making many trips with smaller trucks. Even though it costs more to hire the larger trucks, it can wind up costing your more if you hire a company that uses smaller trucks and makes multiple trips. Going with a professional hauling service means that you don’t have to bother with renting a truck and hiring the workers yourself. The fees the hauling company charges will take care of everything.

Five: You may not be aware of the health hazards inherent in moving some types of junk or refuse, but a good hauling company will. The professional junk removal service you hire will ensure that everything is moved safely and efficiently with no danger to you, your property, or the people that you hire. Going with an experienced, licensed and bonded junk hauling company limits your liability and ensures that everything will be done as quickly and safely as possible. Since the whole point of junk removal is to make your home cleaner and better organized, you want it to happen with the least amount of hassle and bother so you can get on with enjoying your now-clean home and property.

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