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Cleaning and Trash Removal for Moving

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When you are in the process of moving into a new home, the things that need to be done can seem overwhelming. You will come across many things that are unused and unnecessary to take along with you to the next house. De-cluttering, cleaning and packing your possessions will be a time consuming activity. Having a plan of action before you begin will help you get organized and keep you on track for your upcoming move. Junk removal will be essential in staying on the right path to clearing out and throwing away unnecessary items.

First step to take is to make the list. Make a list of all of the rooms in your current house that needs to be de-cluttered and packed. Every time that a task gets completed be sure to mark it off the list and do not get frustrated if it takes more than a few days to accomplish everything. You will not be able to do every room in the house in a day, so plan to work on packing and sorting one or two rooms a day. If an area in your home is especially large, you might want to consider doing a half at a time, then move to the other half to complete the room.

Anything that has not been used in a year or even half a year should be considered unneeded and put out for the junk removal company. Some things are worth saving in case you need them in the future, but most things that haven’t been used in quite a while probably won’t be missed. Don’t throw out anything that you will be upset over later, like family portraits, old class rings and school scrapbooks. Put these things in a safe area away from the trash section and mark the box so it doesn’t get taken away.

Designate one area in your home for these specific things that you will want picked up by the garbage removal service. Some of the companies that offer trash pick up services will also recycle and donate items that are still useable. In this case, you should use trash bags or individual bins that are clearly marked with three groups; keep, donate or trash.

There’s a difference between donations and simply trash, but sometimes homeowners think that if it’s old to them that it cannot be used again. Junk removal companies offer a full service package that will come to your house and actually sort through these types of things and haul them away. If time is an issue for you and your family, it might be a good idea to enlist the help of these specific professionals.