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Where does the junk go?

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As discuss previously, junk in your property is an undesirable asset but often people wonder ….. Where does the junk go? Does it go the landfill? Is it separated prior disposal? Can the junk be recycled?

Yard waste and soil

Green waste can often be used by orchards, greenhouse or by landscaping companies who compost or use the yard waste as a filling material. Junk removal companies may also donate their yard waste to property owners seeking for filling material during construction projects.

When not useable, the yard waste may go to the landfill and be used as a filler or top soil.

Paper goods, aluminum, and plastic

When a Toronto junk removal company picks up items like cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum-based products, they will likely be taken to sorting area where the load can be separated and recycled separately.

Furniture and Household items

Often junk removal companies will donate furniture or household item (in fair condition) to charitable organizations or families in distress. Cooking stoves, fridges, and other appliances can be also donated however if they’re broken they will be recycled.

1-888-I AM JUNK provides a green solution for your trash removal

We’re pleased to offer an eco-friendly, economical garbage removal solution for environmentally conscious residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We make every effort to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill. We take the time to recycling everything we can.

Should I rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company?

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Initially it may seem to be cheaper to rent a dumpster however; here are some points to keep in mind before committing to it:

  • A dumpster sitting on your driveway won’t look that great plus you may ended up having unexpected damages which the dumpster company won’t be responsible for;
  • You will have to load the dumpster by yourself until the project is complete;
  • You will pay a flat fee (daily, weekly or monthly) regardless if the dumpster is full or not;
  • You won’t be able to recycle several items therefore they will end up in the landfill. A reputable (and environment friendly) junk removal company recycles and dispose your junk following best practices and local regulations.

1-888-I AM JUNK provides a green solution for your trash removal. We’re pleased to offer an eco-friendly, economical garbage removal solution for environmentally conscious residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We make every effort to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill. We take the time to recycling everything we can.

Selling your property? More reasons to call a junk removal company

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Property Value

Perception is reality. If you’re planning to get into the market make sure your property is tidy inside and out. Renovation junk within your property can be a deal breaker. Potential buyers may perceive the construction clutter as “hidden issues” which may compromise not only the property overall value but mainly the sale itself.

Buyer’s Visual Impression

You may have a big house but if tend to collect junk; your big house will never be big enough. When potential buyers come to see your place they have particular expectations and like to imagine their own furniture placed around the house. Clutter provides a false impression of having a smaller house therefore buyers can leave your place disappointed.

Snoopy Buyer

Several buyers like to ask neighbors direct questions about the neighborhood and their families however you always find the snoop ones. They will ask questions about the house condition and how diligent were you in regards maintenance issues. If you’re known as being a disorganized and junky neighbor it will ruin your chances of selling your house or getting the value you’re expecting.

1-888-I AM JUNK is a locally owned junk removal company servicing all of Toronto and the GTA. We specialize in complete home and office cleanouts, as well as residential apartment and condo junk removal.

Save Money on Junk Removal Part III

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You don’t need to work hard but you can help out

There are several different reasons why a junk removal company should be hired. Lack of time combined with physical challenges is usually the main reason; however that’s why junk removal professionals are around. Workers are well trained and physically prepared to safely carry, push or pull junk in your behalf.

Prior the worker’s arrival, do your homework to facilitate their routines. As often, the best approach is to start your prep work from the beginning. Start at front the door and work yourself all away to the area from where workers will be removing your belongings. Seek for pictures, imported rugs, porcelain items, fragile decorations, vacation souvenirs, family treasures and move them to a safe place. Workers are trained to properly remove unwanted items from your property but clearing the path will not only will speed up their activities but you will save money.

As we know, time is money so adequate planning from the time you decide to hire a junk removal company to the moment they leave your place, allows you to foster a pleasant experience for everyone involved while saving money that can better be spent with your own family.

Save Money on Junk Removal – Part I

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The decision to hire a junk removal company might not be always an easy task. We all know that in this economy budgets are getting tighter and bills are getting higher, many people are doing whatever it takes to keep the household or office costs as low as possible. Below are some tips for you to keep your junk removal costs low:

How is junk removal cost calculated?

The cost of junk removal is done in cubic yards and calculated based on three primary factors: size, weight, and time. Size and weight are two factors that are normally out of control. And unless you can dispose of small, heavy items on your own, there isn’t much that can be done when it comes to larger items such as appliances and furniture. The only aspect of junk removal that you can help control is the time. If you have the time to positioning your junk as efficiently as possible, you can save yourself money on the overall cost of removal.

Junk removal time vs. accessibility

If you can manage to have your junk in an easy reach for your junk removal company, less time will take the job to be completed and your bill will show the savings. Keep in mind that curbside junk pick up is the less expensive option. If you are able to move your belongings outside your building or home to the curbside, then it will be a quick junk removal process which will save you money. Another option for quick junk removal is to move as many items as possible into your garage or driveway. In this case, a junk removal company truck is easily able to back up into your driveway for a fast, easy and no time junk removal. Finally another option is to bring as many items as possible to the front of the house or on a place that is easily accessible by the junk removal truck, for example your backyard if it backs into a lane that is big enough for the junk removal truck.

Remember, the quick and easy access your junk removal company has to remove your junk, the more money in your pocket!