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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

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As we are getting into this new decade we tend to engage in personal resolutions but often we forget to look after our property so we are listing the top 5 junk resolutions to help you prioritize your cleanup efforts:

1. Remove, sort and dispose junk from your crawlspace (or attic)
2. Clean and organize your backyard. Remove excessive combustible materials that can become a fire hazard
3. Dispose old appliances and electronic equipment that may be around your house just collecting dust
4. Even knowing that guys hate this idea, it may be time to clean and dispose junk from your shed.
5. Regain your car space and clean up your garage

When you’re ready to tackle your junk resolutions (with no physical effort from your side of things) just give us call.

1-888-I AM JUNK – Same day, 24/7 Junk Removal Toronto and GTA

Should I rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company?

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Initially it may seem to be cheaper to rent a dumpster however; here are some points to keep in mind before committing to it:

  • A dumpster sitting on your driveway won’t look that great plus you may ended up having unexpected damages which the dumpster company won’t be responsible for;
  • You will have to load the dumpster by yourself until the project is complete;
  • You will pay a flat fee (daily, weekly or monthly) regardless if the dumpster is full or not;
  • You won’t be able to recycle several items therefore they will end up in the landfill. A reputable (and environment friendly) junk removal company recycles and dispose your junk following best practices and local regulations.

1-888-I AM JUNK provides a green solution for your trash removal. We’re pleased to offer an eco-friendly, economical garbage removal solution for environmentally conscious residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We make every effort to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill. We take the time to recycling everything we can.

Selling your property? More reasons to call a junk removal company

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Property Value

Perception is reality. If you’re planning to get into the market make sure your property is tidy inside and out. Renovation junk within your property can be a deal breaker. Potential buyers may perceive the construction clutter as “hidden issues” which may compromise not only the property overall value but mainly the sale itself.

Buyer’s Visual Impression

You may have a big house but if tend to collect junk; your big house will never be big enough. When potential buyers come to see your place they have particular expectations and like to imagine their own furniture placed around the house. Clutter provides a false impression of having a smaller house therefore buyers can leave your place disappointed.

Snoopy Buyer

Several buyers like to ask neighbors direct questions about the neighborhood and their families however you always find the snoop ones. They will ask questions about the house condition and how diligent were you in regards maintenance issues. If you’re known as being a disorganized and junky neighbor it will ruin your chances of selling your house or getting the value you’re expecting.

1-888-I AM JUNK is a locally owned junk removal company servicing all of Toronto and the GTA. We specialize in complete home and office cleanouts, as well as residential apartment and condo junk removal.

Why 888-I AM JUNK?

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888-I AM JUNK is a locally owned junk removal Toronto company servicing all of Toronto and the GTA. We offer the lowest prices for commercial and residential, rubbish removal and junk removal in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

888-I AM JUNK is proud to bring you the most reliable and thorough junk removal service for the lowest price.

We promise to . . .

  • provide the lowest price guaranteed
  • show up on time, ready to work
  • be courteous, respectful and professional
  • leave the work area clean and free of debris
  • assure your 100% satisfaction with a job well done
  • punctual services

We remove furniture, appliances, electronics, construction waste, rubbish and trash from your home or workplace. We clear all the clutter and leave your space entirely debris free.

For your convenience we will pick up the junk from any location: attic, basement, warehouse, or on the 50th floor of a high-rise. You can count on us to haul it away.

Our team consists of full-time, highly trained, fully licensed and fully insured junk removal specialists. Our trucks are 2-3 times larger than our competitors’ and can carry more junk – 36 cubic yards.

888-I AM JUNK is on call 24/7, with same day service – we’re ready when you need us.